About Bulletproof Convertible

Bulletproof Convertible: New Zealand based three piece original rock outfit featuring guitar, double bass and drums soaking in rythym.

Meet the band.

Silas Waring - Vocals, Guitar

(ex. Silas and the Lambs, U.K.)

From a UK home life steeped in music from his dad's choral and church organ duties to his brother's 40's and 50's blues and rock'n'roll record collection, Silas was always going to be a musician. He took up guitar at age 16 and by 17 was writing songs, busking and playing solo and eventually forming bands. Emigrating to NZ as an adult, eventually meeting Paul, Silas set to work to form his originals unit, Bulletproof Convertible. 

It's all about the songs. Silas freely admits there's nothing glib or happy about them, proudly anti-pop, realistic topics with real meaning. But somehow the sense of fun and mischief shines through to fit the Bulletproof mold. No apologies. If you don't like it, you're at the wrong gig. But what's not to like? The pulse, the skanky guitar, the edgy vocals. Like we said up front: danceable as hell.

Silas is a tattooist by day at Painted Rock Tattoos. Like the rest of the band he's all about keeping it live, keeping it fun and throwing it wide.

Alex Ramsay - Drums

(Ex.Merkin, The Brothers Grimm).

Beginning his musical life as a snare drummer in pipe bands, Alex was no stranger to loud and unusual sounds. Moving to playing full kit in highschool and covers bands, he paid his dues with the obligatory pub and wedding gigs, until his mate Paul introduced him to Silas.

After listening to some of Silas' early material Alex became frightened. However, after some reassurance he joined them to form Bulletproof Convertible, and the rest is history. Well not yet...

Despite their popularity amongst their inner circle, Alex is convinced there is a wider audience for them out there as some of their recent appearances have confirmed. In the meantime he plies his trades as an engineer, rally car co-driver and dog sled enthusiast, bringing all these elements together in a crashing arrangement of percussion and drive when the band begins to play.

Paul Southworth - Double Bass

(ex. King Leo and the Growling Dogs, George Street Patsys, The Pog Band, Catgut & Steel )

With a pedigree of great bands littering his past, clearly Paul is looking for something. He may have found it in Bulletproof Convertible. Punching and slapping the upright bass for over a decade has made him lean and hungry and this is the way the band likes him. If he's going to get RSI this is the gig that will give it to him, such is the energy of their performances and the physicality of the task.

Paul has a sensibilty for Silas' songwriting, knitting together the drums and guitar with a big fat pulse that doesn't let up and with a timing that suprises even him. Living on the edge as a business owner, gardener, beer brewer, mountain bike rider; these are just some of the risks that may yet bring him down.

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