Alex Ramsay - Drums

(Ex.Merkin, The Brothers Grimm).

Beginning his musical life as a snare drummer in pipe bands, Alex was no stranger to loud and unusual sounds. Moving to playing full kit in highschool and covers bands, he paid his dues with the obligatory pub and wedding gigs, until his mate Paul introduced him to Silas.

After listening to some of Silas' early material Alex became frightened. However, after some reassurance he joined them to form Bulletproof Convertible, and the rest is history. Well not yet...

Despite their popularity amongst their inner circle, Alex is convinced there is a wider audience for them out there as some of their recent appearances have confirmed. In the meantime he plies his trades as an engineer, rally car co-driver and dog sled enthusiast, bringing all these elements together in a crashing arrangement of percussion and drive when the band begins to play.

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