Paul Southworth - Double Bass

(ex. King Leo and the Growling Dogs, George Street Patsys, The Pog Band, Catgut & Steel )

With a pedigree of great bands littering his past, clearly Paul is looking for something. He may have found it in Bulletproof Convertible. Punching and slapping the upright bass for over a decade has made him lean and hungry and this is the way the band likes him. If he's going to get RSI this is the gig that will give it to him, such is the energy of their performances and the physicality of the task.

Paul has a sensibilty for Silas' songwriting, knitting together the drums and guitar with a big fat pulse that doesn't let up and with a timing that suprises even him. Living on the edge as a business owner, gardener, beer brewer, mountain bike rider; these are just some of the risks that may yet bring him down.

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